Friday, 9 August 2013

Audio: Rush Limbaugh - If Bush Or Palin Made As Many Gaffes As Obama, Media Would Call It Dementia

Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh today picked up on two gaffes of President Obama's that he believed were underreported this week: misidentifying three cities as being on the Gulf Coast, and blanking on Second Lady Jill Biden's name during a big speech at Camp Pendleton. Limbaugh charged that if this was George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan or even Sarah Palin talking, the media would immediately freak out with questions like, "Is Alzheimer's setting in? Do we have dementia?"

Regarding Obama telling Jay Leno that ports need to be deepened in Gulf cities, proceeding to then list cities not on the actual Gulf, Limbaugh reminded viewers all the "grief" Palin got for that whole "I can see Russia from my house" mess. The second Palin made that gaffe about Russia, Limbaugh charged the media "set out to destroy her, her intelligence, [and] her credibility" while "whitewashing" Obama's Tonight Show comments.

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